Ask a Therapist With Amy Goldbeck

How would I know if I could benefit from therapy?

If you find yourself frustrated or unhappy much of the time, it might be time to look into therapy.  If you are feeling stuck in your life, it may be helpful to navigate through the transition. If you are feeling alone and sad without people to talk to, therapy could be very helpful.  If you find yourself fearful or anxious, you might want to understand that better and learn some new skills to cope. Check your gut response. Notice what resonates and follow that.

My partner/family member isn’t interested in therapy but I think they need it. What should I do?

When you love someone, it is really painful to see them struggling.  You could see if they are open to come to a free 30-minute consultation as a way to see the space and meet a therapist.  That way, nothing is lost and they can ask questions as well as get a better feel for the process. Also, maybe you could benefit from therapy for guidance and support regarding this person in your life.  Model what it means to take care of yourself!

What do you find most important about the therapy process?  

Building trust.  It’s the foundation for everything else.

Why is the creative process important in therapy?

The creative process taps into the subconscious mind which is full of treasures and trinkets of wisdom.  The creative process allows the wisdom to rise to the surface and the conscious mind can then understand and integrate the creative experience more deeply.

Why should I consider Dance/Movement Therapy?

Dance/Movement Therapy is a great way to experience what else you have to say.  Your body may have more to the story than you ever knew! Learning to tune into your body as a resource and listen to its language is a powerful way to understand oneself.  You will become connected within yourself.  

How can Past Life Regression therapy be helpful?  

Past Life Regression opens infinite doors to the depths of who you are and what you are here to do.  It’s not just a tour through history. It is a deeply personal and spiritual journey ripe with messages to guide you in the present.  It can allow you to let go, alleviate pain, gain inner strength and find direction. It is a beautiful example of how the answers lie within you.

What will I feel/experience/gain from my therapy sessions?  

You will feel validated and empowered.  You will gain awareness of yourself, others, and the core beliefs that motivate you.

Ask a Therapist With Amy Goldbeck

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