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At the Root of it All

By Amy Goldbeck, LPC, R-DMT, CHt

After a fascinating read by Gregg Braden, I am reminded of the contrasting attitudes that have emerged as a result of the pandemic, specifically survival of the fittest vs. compassionate cooperation. Braden points out that the story we were taught about our origin simply isn’t based on fact. And I wonder if we are willing to look back and re-learn how we came to be and the abilities we are equipped with if we could shift our understanding of our purpose for being here and consequently the way we approach life and relate to others.

For 150 years, scientists have been aware of evidence that contradicts Darwin’s theory of evolution, yet it continues to be taught in schools today. The fear is that if we admit that Darwin’s theory is unfounded, we would instead be teaching Creationism, which seems too close to religion and therefore unfit for public schools.

For 150 years, we have been trained to understand ourselves from an evolutionary standpoint. We take it as fact and hesitate to speak against it. But Darwin’s theory is only based on speculation. There is “new” science that points to amazing alternative truths. And what a difference it could make if we operated from this new understanding!

Within the Darwinian theory of evolution are the concepts of natural selection and survival of the fittest. Notice the values encouraged here such as competition, prejudice, and insignificance.

One implication is our insignificance. For the last century, we’ve been steeped in a cosmic story of believing we are unimportant, small, and powerless. This theory suggests that our existence is a random happenstance, and we are mere specks of matter that will be long forgotten over the grand scheme. If we believe this, we might as well graze on the grand buffet and get-get-get. And, we are encouraged to think lives are expendable, and we should get as much for ourselves even at the expense of others.

Other values encouraged by Darwin are competition and prejudice. The survival of the fittest concept suggests competition is necessary.
This reminds me of the recent toilet paper hoarding. Our default response to the COVID-19 crisis goes back to what we’ve been taught to believe, leading to the “every man for himself” mentality.

The Darwinian theory proposes that the weak ones (defined by whom?) won’t survive, are inferior which encourages bullying, devaluing, righteousness, and attitudes of prejudice. There’s a pretense that we have a right to downgrade people because they are either in our way or they are going to die/fail anyway. This underlying thinking, even on the subconscious level, gives rise to heartless things like racism, war, and genocide. This story doesn’t serve us well. Now, more than ever, it’s time for a new story based on the facts. Perhaps this is the perfect time to re-set.

Braden’s book, The Science of Self-Empowerment: Awakening the New Human Story, educates us on how AMHs (Anatomically Modern Humans-that’s us) appeared on this Earth 200,000 years ago with an advanced skill set Neanderthals did not possess. Specifically, we have complex language abilities, self-healing capabilities, the potential for radical longevity (to live extra-long lives!), and heart-wisdom like no other being. These complex abilities are the result of the fusion of two chromosomes, which scientists found happened suddenly and swiftly, not gradually.


So the curious questions become how did the fusion happen? And why? This is what science can’t tell us. Wouldn’t those be great questions
for students to speculate upon together in class?! We already know about the ancient wisdom of indigenous cultures and their use of heart wisdom, intuition, and natural healing abilities. These complex abilities have always been with us. This kind of wisdom is referenced to in the oldest writings. While not everyone takes ancient wisdom seriously, science is available, even if not mainstream, to validate our inherent capacity.

Gregg Braden goes into great detail to explain the wisdom inherent in our unique DNA. The fusion was sudden, not slow since there were no variations in between. And the complex abilities do not show up unless the chromosomes are fused completely in a specific way. We appeared with different abilities and DNA structure. It gave us the ability to connect to the deepest wisdom and a greater intelligence.

Whether that be nature or the cosmos… It was intentional. How could this very fusion leading us to extraordinary potential, be a fortunate
accident? So, if we were intentionally and suddenly supplied with heart skills and a heart portal to infinite wisdom and seemingly miraculous
abilities, what does that mean for us and the way we think about ourselves, decide to behave, and relate with others?

The new story is one of purpose, cooperation, connectedness, and community. The new one embraces our internal gifts and invites us to connect more deeply with ourselves. It invites us to hone in on compassion as a force of nature. It includes new evidence of our heart-brain. It even includes evidence of telomeres and telomerase, which give us the potential for radical longevity.

The new story also includes the capacity to self-heal on a cellular level. It is truly fascinating to learn about the depths of our abilities. I find myself curious to learn how to access and hone in on what is available to me. I also find myself resetting my perspective, or rather, remembering who I am as a powerful, loving being. Once you know the facts, you cannot un-know them. This is all coming from a book by Gregg Braden, The Science of Self Empowerment. Self empowerment is something that could be really useful and healing during these uncertain times.

From a therapeutic standpoint, the new story is relevant and transformative. It gets at the very origin of our narrative. It validates and empowers our sense of purpose in the world and the way we relate to ourselves and others. Learning to tap into our heart wisdom is one of the basic techniques of therapy. Intuition is strengthened, subconscious work is updated and new motivation is found for living.

Therapy is about re-awakening to what is already inside of you and learning to access that flow of wisdom in order to live with compassion. To learn more about accessing your own heart wisdom, contact Amy Goldbeck.

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