Creating Space for Who You Want to Be: Psychodrama for Personal Growth

Are you interested in exploring how to live a fuller and more meaningful life? In the past 18 months, the pandemic has ignited changes (both welcome and unwelcome). Many of us are redefining our place in the world, including the roles that we play, the roles we would like more access to, and the roles that we would like to retire.

Join us for an afternoon of personal growth exploration in a safe and nurturing environment. This workshop is designed to uncover, identify, and shed barriers that block access to us creating space for who we want to be. With Guest Mallory Primm, M.A.

Developed by Jacob L. Moreno, M.D., psychodrama is an active and creative approach to healing in which individuals engage in dramatic action in order to create meaningful change. When people move beyond simply talking about their problems to participating in psychodrama with their mind, body, and relational abilities, they gain an enhanced understanding of their situation. Through action, individuals gain access to new insights and work out new solutions to old problems, which pave the way to long-lasting changes.

This workshop is right for you if:

● You are interested in personal growth.

● You want to let go of old roles to make space for new ones.

● You want to feel more empowered and confident in re-defining your place in the world.

● You want to turn changes and barriers into opportunities instead of burdens.

● You want to lean into roles that bring you fulfillment, peace, and joy rather than roles that bring you worry, anger, and sadness.

● You have had psychodrama experience or not!

– We ask all participants to wear a face mask and participate in a COVID screening and temperature check upon arrival.
– If you have COVID-related symptoms or have had contact with someone with a positive COVID test in the last 10 days, we request you not attend. Please reach out to us at 773-850-9046 or and we would be happy to add you to a waiting list for our next workshop!

Event Details:

August 29, 2021 | 1P – 5P

Intouch & Motion Office

4028 W Irving Park Rd Lot B, Chicago, IL 60641

Ticket Price: Pay What You Want

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1. The term “psychodrama” kind of creeps me out. What the heck does psychodrama even mean?

Answer: Don’t worry. Psychodrama has nothing to do with Hitchcock’s 1960 horror film. “Psycho” actually comes from the Greek word psyche which means mind or soul. Psychodrama then means “drama of the mind/soul.”

2. Will I be required to get on stage and act at this workshop?

Answer: Nope! Psychodrama is not a theater performance and does not involve acting. Psychodrama is an action-based method of healing. Psychodrama does use some theatrical terminology, such as protagonist, stage, and rehearsal, and Moreno was influenced by work in the theater when he created psychodrama.

3. Do I have to share personal details about my life?

Answer: You choose how much you wish to share about yourself. Participation in any aspect of the workshop is voluntary.