Jordan Ferranto

I am a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and Registered Art Therapist, currently pursuing advanced training in sexuality and relationships. I have been practicing for five years through which an emphasis on trauma, sex, and relationships has emerged.

My therapeutic style emphasizes relational-cultural and emotion-focused techniques with an arts-based bend. I work with individuals and couples who want to mend or enhance their intimate lives.

I conceptualize the therapeutic process as the intentional application of curiosity and attention. I invite my clients to develop an experimental mindset as a way to walk into deeper understandings of themselves. Establishing an authentic and unwavering relationship with oneself is the foundation of my work with clients as they explore their definitions of sexual and relational wellness.

My visual art practice is grounded in fiber arts. I am particularly passionate about the use of stitch-based processes as meditation as well as the implications of incorporating “soft arts” as an inroad to processing and healing our most tender wounds.

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