Heighten Your Spiritual Self Awareness

Many of us get stuck in the daily grind, forgetting to broaden our awareness.  And many others get so caught up in the drama around them, they forget to look within themselves.  Either way, it’s easy to feel down, because we have this vision or idea of how our lives could be so much better.  That vision or idea is there for a reason—to guide you.  You are right—it can be better.  But how do you get there?  What if the “drama” in our lives is actually a road flare meant to get our attention?  What if these “problems” are like surprise gifts wrapped in disguise? What if the internal discomforts are personalized hidden treasures, creating the perfect opportunities we need in order to re-evaluate ourselves, our lives, our relationships, our decisions, our direction, and our purpose?  If we are alert to these various signals, we can get glimpses of communication from the Spiritual Realm, which is intended to guide us towards our highest good.

Try tuning into these signals:

1.  Meditation.  This is a great way to practice going within and connecting to your authentic self and consciousness.  By relaxing the body you concentrate on the deeper parts of your being.

2. Gut feelings.  This is your body’s wisdom and language of communicating what’s safe, exciting etc.  You might be experiencing and picking up on the energy of others without realizing.  Notice thoughts, hunches, predictions,  and any form of intuition.  Use these signals as a barometer or compass for guiding you.

3. Passions and Inspiration.  Notice what feeds your soul.  In what areas do you find joy and excitement?  What are you fascinated in?  When/where/in what do you find moments of bliss?  Stay in the flow of these inspirations and passions to maximize your potential.  The feeling of rightness is a sign to follow these opportunities.

4. Repetition or themes.  Have you ever found that you keep stumbling upon the same message?  Maybe in the same week a friend hands you a book, a store clerk makes a comment and you have a dream all about the same concept!!  Pay attention to themes and patterns.  Each person, item or dream is a temporary, transitory vessel or tool the Divine uses to bring you what you need.

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