Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy

Whether your goal is to improve your communication, build trust, increase intimacy, let go of old mental and emotional baggage, or work through a personal challenge with the support of your partner, having an outside objective perspective can help you establish strength and resiliency in your relationship.

Coming to couples therapy doesn’t mean that you have failed in your relationship, it means you are ready to thrive! It means you are ready to listen and to work together.

When a significant life event, a hurt, or pain occurs in life or a relationship, couples counseling can help you find your way through. Sometimes there isn’t a catastrophic event, but you just want to strengthen a part of your relationship or have some support to move through this roller coaster called life.

Relationships take love, nurturance, and work. At InTouch & Motion, we have experienced psychotherapists who can help you repair wounds in your relationship, improve communication with your partner(s), and take your relationship to the next level. Our creative arts therapists can help you and your partners think outside of the box and apply creative solutions to your relationship issues. Discover creative modes of expressing your thoughts and feelings while strengthening your bonds with one another.

Make the commitment to each other today.

As a couple, you will…

- Gain new insight into yourself and your partner

- Communicate in new ways and break the cycle of recurring arguments

- Gain empathy for one another’s experiences and attune to your partner

Learn how to work through verbal and nonverbal patterns in your relationship

Drift together, instead of apart

Take intimacy to the next level

Improve work-life balance

Explore future planning and decision making, moving forward in life together

Learn how to communicate your needs, your limits, and all the gray area in between

Understand the positive and negative aspects of your relationship dynamic

Build inherent trust and safety within the internal experience of being together

Witness each other's growths, challenges, and triumphs

Feel seen, heard, and understood in your process

Express your desires for personal and unified growth, change, and next steps


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$140 - $185 | 1 hr


How Do I Know If I’m Covered for Your Services?

You can verify your eligibility and benefits by calling the customer service number on the back of your insurance card. Some questions to ask are, “What are my outpatient mental health benefits?", “Do I have a co-pay, co-insurance, or deductible for outpatient mental health services?”, and “Are there any limits or authorizations required?”

We're glad to assist in checking your insurance coverage to get an estimate before your first session. However, coverage and the amount you will owe cannot be confirmed until a claim has been filed and processed by your insurance provider. Please note that not all services may be covered by insurance. This includes, but is not limited to, wellness workshops, and music therapy.


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We also accept HSA, FSA, and out of pocket payments. Call or message us for more information.

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