Energetic Healing/Reiki Sessions

Energetic Healing/Reiki Sessions

Are you, or someone you love, experiencing pain or suffering from a physical or emotional condition? Feeling bogged down or like something is keeping you from feeling your best? Do you have trouble sleeping or bad dreams? Try an integrative energetic healing approach!

Our Energetic Healing Practitioner, Sabrina, is now offering holistic energetic healing sessions, widely known as Reiki, integrating various alternative medicine modalities to enhance the experience. Guided by the client’s preference and an initial holistic assessment, aromatherapy, sound healing, crystal therapy, and guided imagery are combined with Reiki to facilitate relaxation, pain relief, physical symptom relief, and the energetic shifts needed to promote optimal physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. In these sessions, the client relaxes while sitting in a chair, or lying on a massage table, and, with your permission, the practitioner lightly places palms near the energy centers of the body, called Chakras. This process allows the practitioner to channel “Universal Life-Force Energy” into the clients energy field, to clear away blocks and balance each chakra, allowing the body’s own healing system to do the work. Some clients also have spiritual experiences, if they are open to receiving them. Clients often leave feeling grounded, deeply peaceful and centered. Many hospitals around the country are offering this ancient and sacred Japanese healing practice, and Sabrina is excited to be offering it to the Old Irving Park and greater Chicago community.

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Tel: 773-850-9046
Email: info@intouchandmotion.com
3806 W Irving Park Rd, Chicago, 60618

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How Do I Know If I’m Covered for Your Services?

You can verify your eligibility and benefits by calling the customer service number on the back of your insurance card. Some questions to ask are, “What are my outpatient mental health benefits?", “Do I have a co-pay, co-insurance, or deductible for outpatient mental health services?”, and “Are there any limits or authorizations required?”

We're glad to assist in checking your insurance coverage to get an estimate before your first session. However, coverage and the amount you will owe cannot be confirmed until a claim has been filed and processed by your insurance provider. Please note that not all services may be covered by insurance. This includes, but is not limited to, wellness workshops, reiki sessions, and music therapy.


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