Past-Life Regression Therapy

Past-life regression therapy utilizes guided meditation, relaxation, and imagery to assist you in exploring the deepest parts of yourself. Perhaps the root of your struggles, whether it be emotional, social, or even psychosomatic, originates from a past life. We don’t consciously remember, but a part of us—our soul and subconscious mind—holds every memory we’ve ever made—even from in between lifetimes, in the spiritual state. Sometimes, there is unfinished business we need to attend to, so that we can master a lesson that is necessary for our growth. Symptoms, whether they are physical or emotional, may seem to have no logical connection to our current experiences. However, by learning a possible connection from a past life, the symptom can begin to heal. Other times, you may not find a sense of relief in other forms of treatment or wellness supports. Maybe it is time to explore your inner wisdom and knowledge available from your past.

Accessing a past-life memory can put all of the pieces together. The act of remembering to bring understanding is only half of the work. Through identifying with this past Self and working with the guidance of our Spirit Guides or Higher Self, we can heal and integrate the understanding into our current lives. Through a guided meditation, Past-Life Regression Therapy can help your body relax so deeply, that your mind becomes sharpened and focused, accessing the memory banks of your unique soul. What memory will come to you?

Past-life regression therapy begins with a 1 hour intake/preparatory session ($155) so that your therapist can support you in understanding the process, setting expectations, and preparing your mind, body, and soul in order to fully benefit from the regression. Your next session will be 2 hours ($260) so that you may relax, connect to the guided meditation and past-life regression experience, and process new understandings in your current Self for your current life. Follow up 1-2 hour sessions ($130/hour) are encouraged and planned with your therapist to support continued growth and healing.

Click here to schedule a free consultation with Amy Goldbeck, our licensed professional counselor specializing in past-life regression therapy.


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