Mindful Musings


Our very life depends on everything’s recurring 'til we answer from within.

- Robert Frost

A man and woman, standing back to back and holding hands. Leaning toward the white wall.

Power and Control in Relationships

Image Description: A young woman is facing backward on a young man. Both are holding both hands while their backs are towards each other in a […]

Connect With Nature to Reduce Stress

Image Description: Looking out at the sun rising behind the hillside. Surrounded by nature, trees, flowers, rocks, and a lake down below. Briana Aldave LPC, ATR-P […]

Music and Relaxation

Image Description: Woman eyes closed, smiling, listening to music on headphones. Her hands are up, holding onto the ears of the headphones. She is outside with […]

Four Ways Mindfulness Can Improve Your Sex Life

Image description: a piece of paper resting on a windowsill with the word “mindfulness” written on it in cursive with black marker. Jordan Ferranto, LCPC, ATR […]

Creatives, Content, and Mental Health in the Deaf Community for Deaf Awareness Month

Image Description: a white woman signs “I love you” with her right hand in American Sign Language. She is wearing two silver rings and red nail […]

Connections and Relationships through Art Making

Image Description: A mother and son sitting at a table with blank white paper, blue paint, and paintbrushes working on an art project together. Jacqueline Swietochowski, […]

How Do You Talk About Sex?

Image Description: two women standing in the center wearing winter clothing in front of a snowy evergreen tree. One of the women is whispering into the […]

From Center to Flow

Image Description: A cloud of rainbow-colored smoke flowing against a white background Sondra Malling, LCPC, BC-DMT, GL-CMA Creativity is an essential part of the human experience. […]

A Way of Knowing: Tapping Into the Body for Self-Reflection

Image Description: A black and white photograph of a female-presenting torso. The model is wearing a white bra and panties, which are visible on the edges […]