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On Grief and Grieving: The Psychology of Massive Change, Uncertainty, and Unrest

Julie Brannen, MA, LPC, R-DMT, GL-CMA

A recent article from Harvard Business Review, entitled “That Discomfort You’re Feeling is Grief” perfectly describes what we are going through as a collective. 

Grief is a deep root. Deep as the bone emotion. Grief is the wild, uncomfortable, spiralic, cyclical, non-linear process of becoming new. The shapeshifter that can show up in many ways.

It is alive in the body. It has density. It gets into our cells, our bones. It shows up in the body as exhaustion, headaches, chest pain, rage, and a million experiences. It’s both the most personal, plus collective experience.

When we’re able to feel it, true liberation can happen.

In no way am I romanticizing the crushing agony that is this process. In fact, our ability to feel at all is a triumph. Our ability to love so deeply that we grieve is an inroad to be more intimate with Self.

Out of all of the emotional responses, grief is what we are most gaslit around and we most gaslight ourselves. Denial and avoidance are common.

We are all going to die eventually. We will all leave these bodies at some point.

It gives us the opportunity to know ourselves better. There is a direct pipeline from self-wisdom to our ability to present with others in their grief. To not shy away from, but to move towards.

It calls us home to ourselves. For the attention to be placed on the heart of our being. It demands our attention and presence.

We’re living in a mass extinction right now. Tell me you can’t feel all the grief below the surface? It is the deep waters in which we are being asked to swim. It is the dark night with no light of the moon to guide.

We have such a strong opportunity.

There is the potential for much deeper stewardship with the planet and a calling to come home to ourselves. To evolve through something extremely uncomfortable.

We’re not talking about the medicine or why this is #pandemic because:

  1. It’s bullshit
  2. No one truly knows and most of those theories are just that ~ theories in order to make sense and cope and attempt to control the deeper feelings that are craving our attention.

So I am naming what’s here.

And I ask, how can you make space at your table for this? How does grief show up for you? What needs love and tending? What deserves to be listened to right now?

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Learn about upcoming events and read our staff members' blog posts!
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